Company History

Founded by Rosa Delgado in 2001, Karoli Make-Up School has developed a reputation for excellence in training make-up artists that are highly competent and successful.

Rosa, or Rosi as she is known by students and friends, has demonstrated a special talent for make-up and was attracted to the art at a very early age. As a young teen growing up in Mexico, friends and neighbors would seek her out to apply their makeup whenever they had a special event or occasion. At age fourteen, she was already making brides and Quinceañeras (Mexican girls' rite of passage from childhood to adolescence) look their best. In those days, there was no question of money passing hands, Rosi was doing this out of passion and for the satisfaction of seeing the magical transformations she could effect on her friends' looks.

She grew older and went to High School, thinking of a profession to follow. Yet there was nothing that interested her more than make-up art, so she listened to her heart, embraced her calling and began her professional development in the field.

It wasn't long after graduating from cosmetology school that she opened a beauty salon in San Diego and then another. She had a line of cosmetic products that she offered in her shops and a great number of her many customers kept insisting that she apply them, because they could not achieve the "Rosi Look" themselves.

It was then that she saw the potential for teaching others and founded the Karoli Make-Up School in 2001.

The school has since developed and trained a great number of the best make-up artists operating in Southern California and was incorporated in 2010.

To this day, the school offers courses at three levels of expertise and Rosi is recognized as one of the top trainers in the USA.